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It's a simple problem: our culture loves science, but we just can't get enough of our hottest scientists. Now a new weekly magazine is fixing that and it's OMg amazing.

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OMg fact! Did you know 49% of scientists are in the minority?

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Covering the hottest news about today's biggest names in science.

After a long day at the lab, it's only natural to wonder: what does Fiorella Terenzi smell like? It's finally time to find out.

Our reporters travel the world to find the most electrifying physicists, chemists who provoke big reactions, and mycologists who do excellent work with fungi and also have personal lives you might enjoy reading about.

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And we follow the elemental stories from scientific history.

Who hasn't wondered what products Einstein used in his hair? Or how Oppenheimer nuked pimples? Did Jonas Salk ever develop a vaccine for being love sick?

Just as we give you news about the hottest new science, we'll report on classic scientific scandals, that will be the highlight of any lab report.

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OMg Fact! Max Planck was the first scientist addicted to energy drinks.
OMg science. Hottest news about science in the past.

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